Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Wilfred Lau, Kay Tse, Fish Liew, Kelvin Kwan
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Wilfred Lau Ho Lung two nights ago attended the film DOOMSDAY PARTY (MOOT YUT PAI DUI) premiere, earlier he attended Yumiko's Thailand wedding and sunbathed. He ended up red all over. Did he ask his girlfriend Joey Yung Cho Yi to help him with the sun block? He said, "I got it! She is busy with her concerts. When will my wedding be? I really haven't thought about it." Lau Ho Lung and Joey earlier was at the same event as Denise Ho Wan Si. He said that because he was too busy, he did not see Ah Si. However even if they ran into each other he would greet her as there was no awkwardness between them.

Kay Tse On Kay felt honored to win "Golden Goddess" again. "Thank you 'Ba Da' (Brothers) and 'Si Da' (Sisters) for your support, I heard the judging standard was pretty strict. As for how I could become a goddess, I would have to ask my husband (Louis) Cheung Kai Chung." Did she feel that after marriage her charm drastically increased? Tse On Kay joked, "Then I have to thank Cheung Kai Chung."

Tse Kay On admitted that she was informed that Paul Wong Koon Chung would be absent from promotions and understood that he needed personal space for his family.

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