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TELLING MARIA 2 aired the last episode of its Carina Lau Ka Ling interview. Ka Ling revealed that she was a neat freak. When she was working on a film in Hengdian, she would put in all new bathtubs, basins in all the bathrooms in the entire hotel because she demanded the bathrooms to be very clean. However Tony Leung Chiu Wai was the opposite, which sometimes would frustrate her. "Wai Jai would go right to bed as soon as he came home. I would keep thinking how much dirt he tracked in, which was very hard for me to take. He would not care, leaving shoes and socks all over the place. I envy how carefree he is, while I couldn't get over myself. He has always been influencing me, and I am adjusting to him. We have separate bathrooms. I realize in recent years his bathroom is getting cleaner and cleaner, maybe subconsciously I have influenced him too."

Wai Jai pointed out that Wai Jai was a great actor who was well absorbed into the acting world. At first she was not used to how he would turn into someone else, like when he was working on LUST CAUTION (SIK GAI) he was very dark. "I have to accommodate him all the time, I would keep the home very tidy so he has nothing to worry about. Sometimes when the light goes out at home, he would say, 'Lau Ka Ling the light bulb blew!' He only trusted me and would only ask me to do it." Would she be jealous over Wai Jai's gossips? She said, "After over 20 years together, I already know if something happened with the slightest response. As long as it's not excessive it's OK. The best is for me not to know, he watches himself very carefully."

Ka Ling revealed that when she and Wai Jai first got together, Wai Jai often had no time to be with his girlfriend. His personality was withdrawn and odd. Thus she had some poor opinions of Wai Jai. When she and Wai Jai were in love, was Margie Tsang Wa Sin still in the picture? She said, "A lot were in the picture, the explanation was all because of work. He and Wa Sin broke up and got back together 3 times, in between he had other girls. He was also with Kitty Lai Mei Han for a pretty long time before breaking up. At the time Wai Jai and I weren't dating yet. When fate came you couldn't stop it, I didn't want to either."

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