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Sammy Sum Chun Hin has been in the business for 4 years. Perhaps what we are familiar with was not his TVB performance but his playboy look and a series of rumors. He has been linked to the late singer Sita Chan Hei Yi, JJ Jia (Ga Hiu Sun), Katy Kung and others. Thus earlier his THE BEST PLAN IS NO PLAN (KAU NUI BUT LEI SAM HING DAI) performance was convincing. "Actually the character required it, in real life I don't dare to pursue girls. Maybe it was from a bad childhood experience, at school when I first made my feelings known to a girl she turned me down. I am a little scared of embarrassing myself."

Sum Chun Hin admitted to be shy but he was not worried that would affect viewers' impression of him. "On a certain level, I don't want to be 'accepted' and become a burden. If I am very well behaved, playing Ugly Kwan in YOUNG AND DANGEROUS: RELOADED (GOO WAT JAI: GONG WU SUN DIT JUI) would be unconvincing. An actor should get into his characters. Viewers in THE BEST PLAN IS NO PLAN would see another side of me. It was my first comedy, actually making the audience laugh was not easy." He liked to girls who were always smiling happily with positive energy. When he stared at her all day, his exhaustion would vanish. However he was still searching. "I am more selfish and traditional, at this moment I have to have a career before talking about marriage."

Sum Chin Hin in 2009 enrolled in the TVB artist training class, but Paco Wong discovered him to be a singer. He also had movie opportunities. Over 4 years he tried music, film and television. "I admit that I am very lucky to have so many performance opportunities. I even have the chance to work with training class elder Chow Yun Fat in FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON). The rarest part was my scenes were mainly with Fat Gor. I played his disciple. Fat Gor before taking his mark would joke around with everyone, after he would be very focused. He would put a lot of creativity into the character. He would also advise to make the audience feel my presence, but not to be excessive sometimes. I really had a master and disciple feeling."

Fat Gor's hard work made Sum Chun Hin understand that an artist was a role model for young people, thus he would be a good role model for his fans. "I tell them that I started as a training class red trouser, and took one step after another to get here. They might not be the luckiest one, but they might not be the worst. You create the road. As long as you don't give up, one day you will succeed."

He was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best New Actor with LAN KWAI FONG 2 (HEI OI YEH PO 2) but lost, which made Sum Chun Hin realize that award actually was the dessert that everyone liked. At the suitable time it would appear and did not need to be forced. "Although I haven't had enough time to have 'dessert', as long as I am working and have a chance to improve I am already very happy."

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