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Chen Kun in the film BENDS (GOR GAI) played Carina Lau Ka Ling's driver. Working with Ka Ling for the first time, he was very excited and praised that she was both professional and a great actress. However the production only had 20 some days and he did not have enough. In the future he hoped to be able to work with her again.

Chen Kun in order to play the driver after receiving the script observed and impersonated his own drivers' every move everyday. "They were more silent, talked very little, loved to smoke. The feeling of smoking was very blue. I discovered that they had something in common. They both had bellies, so I deliberately gained 16 pounds for this belly." Reportedly he did not take any salary. Chen Kun joked, "Because I have money, but it depends on how I am compared to. If the comparison is made with Sister Ka Ling, I am very poor!" Chen Kun said that BENDS was a very sincere film. With Christopher Doyle (To Ho Fung), William Chang Suk Ping and Lau Ka Ling on the staff, he would help whenever he could!

Earlier at the premiere, Ka Ling said that since the film subject being more alternative the box office was beyond her control. "The actors have already contributed. They can't control how the market is."

Speaking of not taking any salary for her new film, Ka Ling said that she should support domestic films. "This is a special case. Hong Kong film now is very turbulent, with less and less money to make movies. It needs a little support."

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