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The bride Yumiko Cheng cracks up during the groom's vow
Emme Wong, Yumiko Cheng, Cherrie Ying
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Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi yesterday wed her boyfriend of 8 years Andy Leung Hok Chu on Samui, Thailand. Yumiko's wedding was divided into two parts. Yesterday was the first half, pre-wedding party when the new couple partied with their wedding parties. Their parents did not attend yesterday. Early next year they will hold their official wedding ceremony in Hong Kong.

80 people participated in Yumiko's Thailand wedding, including Hilary Tsui Ho Ying, Sam Lee Chan Sam, Jordan Chan Siu Chun and his wife Cherrie Ying Choi Yi, Emme Wong Yee Man, Chan Kwok Kwan, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, William So Wing Hong and Oscar Leung Lit Wai. Reportedly the new couple covered the guests' flights and hotels for the three day, two night wedding trip. They even booked the entire hotel for the guests to enjoy.

Yumiko chose Samui to hold the pre-wedding party because she and Andy's first trip was there. At the time Andy promised that when they wed they would definitely shoot Samui, because Yumiko's dream wedding was on a sunny beach; she gave special thanks to Andy for fulfilling her dream.

Yumiko was happy to have so many friends witnessing her wedding, a memorable moment in her life. Andy was asked how much the hotel expense was. He said that the most important for everyone to be happy and leave a memorable moment for his wife Yumiko. Yumiko revealed that the Samui trip had three themed parties. When they arrived they had a welcome banquet, then a wedding and an after party. Every party had a special dress code. Yumiko revealed that the wedding requirement was for all the guests to wear white, and the scene was both romantic and pretty. She even thanked the designers for her gowns, everything was so perfect that she was both happy and touched.

Yesterday for Yumiko's outdoor wedding rain came. The ceremony was delayed for two hours. However, the new couple and their guests' joyous atmosphere was unaffected.

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