Tuesday, November 19, 2013


courtesy of on.cc
Charlene Choi and her grandmother (center) celebrate their birthdays.  Her mother (right) treated them.
courtesy of mingpao.com

Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin will celebrate her 31st birthday this Friday. Three nights ago she celebrated in advance with her grandmother, and her mother treat them; two nights ago her father took her to a birthday dinner with grandma and grandpa. She called the elders BBs and posted the photos online, praising them for growing backwards and being very young. "They all look very young, they are BBs who grow backward; but...I want to say...I am old! Haha!" People online not only wished Ah Sa Happy Birthday but also complimented her mother as young and pretty.

Ah Sa yesterday guest starred in the film NAKED AMBITION 2 (HO CHING 2). Both she and Chapman To Man Jat wore bathrobes. She pouted to pretend to be sexy while To Man Jat coldly glanced at her. Ah Sa wrote, "Today I am guest starring in Mr. To's new film NAKED AMBITION 2. This is Chocolate Jat and Marilyn Monroe Sa, Hahahaha!"

Ah Jat stated that this time he called in all the favors. "Wong Jing would guest star as an intellectual, responsible for criticizing Hong Kong's rotten films. Actually it will also have many top guest stars but I can't talk about them yet." As for DaDa Chan Jing, Ah Jat said that he will save her a female lead spot for his new film at the end of the year. He said yesterday, "She said that she would make it. When I am free I will meet with her and communicate. I don't want to have any other 'accident'."

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