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Carina Lau Ka Ling two nights ago attended the BENDS (GOR GAI) premiere with Chen Kun. Both were dressed in black and could not be more well matched. After the premiere, Ka Ling held an after party at her new restaurant. Aside from Chen Kun, the cast and the crew attended and continued the celebration.

Ka Ling said that her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai already supported her in the afternoon and earlier attended the Cannes premiere with her, so he did not attend. With this type of subject, would she have lower box office expectation? She said, "You don't know about that, sometimes, the more expectation you have the more disappointed you end up. Without any expectation you may be surprised instead. The market determines that, you can't predict it. For me, the experience was already very gratifying." She said that with the right script and co-stars she would continue to support new directors. Would she reduce her rate next time as well? Ka Ling said, "This was a very special case, because i felt now Hong Kong film has entered a more passive phase. With already fewer and fewer films, I felt that I should support it. However I still have no plan to direct."

Chen Kun turned down the new film PAINTED SKIN 3 (WAT PEI 3) and reportedly the film company asked Huang Xiaoming to replace him; Chen Kun could not care less. "After PAINTED SKIN: RESURRECTION (WAT PEI 2) I already said that I wouldn't make it again. Since I already said I wouldn't, they could find 100 people to make it if they want."

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