Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Kate Tsui is excited to learn that her hard work has not gone to waste
Norman Leung (third left) and boss Chan Kwok Keung (right) are pleased with the result
Raymond Lam
Law Lan's winning moment has the most viewers
Luisa Lai has 8 million in jewelry sponsorship
Ai Wai is happy that everyone has a happy ending and says he is a good friend of Nat Chan
Linda Chung is not disappointed to lose to Krystal Tin
Oscar Leung and Wayne Lai are both lucky stars of the anniversary night
Without a driver's license, Dickson Wong will share his car with his family
Kenneth Ma gets his trademark jaw drop when he finds out he won
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TVB's 46th anniversary show took place two nights ago at Tseung Kwan O Television City, with 400 artists performing as well as giving away almost 10 million in prizes. Both artists and viewers shared the joy. TVB yesterday announced the anniversary night reached 31 point rating at its peak, with almost 2 million viewers. Its rating even reached 97%. The highest rating appeared around 9:58PM, during the TVB Anniversary Award warm up race when artists chose their "Best Television Actor and Actress". Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming with his dropped jaw and Krystal Tin Yui Nei with her endless tears won. Veteran artist Helena Law Lan was chosen as the "Most Substance Actor" to bring the program to its climax.

With the recent television storm the anniversary night still performed well. TVB CEO Norman Leung Nai Pang was very satisfied. Not only did he donated 3.1 million to seven charity organizations as promised but also increased each organization's share from 420,000 to 460,000 to celebrate the station's 46th anniversary. The station donated 3.22 million in total. TVB held two celebrations after the show to boost moral and gave away 46 $4,600 lai see for the behind the scene co-workers' lucky drawing. On the 29th a grand celebration will take place on the 29th at Television City for 200 workers. Leung Nai Pang will personally give away red wine. Leung Nai Pang two nights ago said, "The 46th anniversary 2 and a half hour program didn't have a minute of dead air. The performances were great. Thank you Yu Wing San and the 400 artists for their hard work. Everyone from top to bottom were united. We are a very united big family." Leung Nai Pang also revealed that the anniversary night advertising slots were sold out long ago.

TVB enterprise communication department assistant director Tsang Sing Ming said about the anniversary show's 31 point rating. "This is an initial rating, now viewers' television viewing habits have changed. Many like to watch MyTV online. MyTV rating has to wait until next week, I believe the the performance will have growth."

Kate Tsui Tsz Shan who put a lot of effort into rehearsing "floating dance" was very happy about the high rating. "Earlier everyone rehearsed so hard, now this figure is truly worth being happy about. With viewer appreciation, our effort wasn't wasted!" As for TVB donating over 3 million to charity organizations, Tsui Tsz Shan of course was supportive. "We have good rating and can do charity work, of course it is worth being even happier about."

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