Tuesday, November 26, 2013


courtesy of mingpao.com

Chen Chen who just accepted the Golden Horse Lifetime Achievement Award yesterday could not stand after waking up in Taipei, scaring her son Jeremy Liu and her sister as they immediately pushed her in a wheel chair to the hospital.

Chen Chen suddenly could not stand actually because of attending the Golden Horse Award. Two months before she started losing weight and practicing wearing high heels. She hoped to leave fans with a beautiful impression after 30 years away from the silver screen. However because she has not worn high heels in a long time she sprained her leg, aggravating her old injury from 40 years ago when she made the costume film FLOWER DRUMS OF FUNG YANG. After the Golden Horse Award ended, Chen Chen's tension eased as she immediately felt pain as soon as she sat down. Friends all recommended doctors to her.

Chen Chen after seeing a doctor two days ag suddenly could not sleep due to the pain. Luckily her sister was with her yesterday and realized that she could not stand. Thus she was immediately rushed to the hospital.

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