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Vanness Wu shares their love story at the wedding.  "The first time I saw her I had trouble breathing!"

Vanness and Arissa have experienced break up and reunion.  They understand the key of their relationship is trust.
The newlyweds' childhood photo
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Vanness Wu (Ng Kin Ho) yesterday wed his Singapore girlfriend Arissa in Los Angeles and spent HK$ 1 million on the wedding banquet that 150 guests attending. Different from the traditional wedding photos, they transformed into trendy newlyweds. F3 Jerry Yan (Yin Sing Yuk), Vic Chou Yu Man and Ken Chu Hau Tin were absent due to work. They agreed to meet again in Taiwan!

The 35 year old Ng Kin Ho and his 31 year old Singapore girlfriend Shek Ching Sin on August 9 registered their marriage in Singapore. Last week they became legally married with local authority approval. Yesterday they held their wedding banquet in The Resort Pelican Hill in Los Angeles and unveiled their wedding photos as well. The always stylish Vanness drifted away from the traditional wedding photos. They did not wear any traditional formal wedding wear. Instead they coordinated with the black and white theme and appeared in a variety of casual and evening wear as well as several interesting looks. They also included their cute childhood photos.

At the wedding ceremony Vanness and Arissa with the preacher, family and friends as their witnesses exchanged rings and vows. The preacher advised him to say "sorry" more in the future and her to reply "I forgive you." They were moved to tears. The newlyweds danced the first dance and won a lot of applause. After their parents spoke, they cut the wedding cake. Vanness' good friend Elva Hsiao (Siu Ah Hin) performed I DO. The wedding atmosphere was romantic.

Because his wife is the Singapore olive oil heiress as her family was worth over HK$2 billion, they were very low key. Thus this wedding was closed to the media. The hotel had strict security with several dozen guards on patrol. Reportedly with almost 150 family members and friends, the flights and hotel cost over HK$1 million. Aside from Siu Ah Hin, Sammo Hung Kam Bo's son Jimmy Hung Tin Cheung who grew up with Vanness was also a guest. F3 members Yin Sing Yuk, Chou Yu Man and Chu Hau Tin were unable to attend due to work; Vanness later will return to Taiwan for another banquet and dine with them to celebrate. In January another banquet will take place in Singapore, then they will begin their honeymoon.

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