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The late martial art superstar Bruce Lee yesterday would have turned 73. People also started a "global signature collection for the construction of the Bruce Lee Museum" on the same day and chose to hold a press conference where Bruce Lee trained in life, the Sha Tin Lung Wah Hotel. The event urged global signatures to support the construction of a Bruce Lee Museum in 5 years in either West Kowloon or the former Kai Tak airport. Artists Yuen Wah, Michelle Yim (Mai Suet) and veteran filmmakers Ng See Yuen and Joe Cheung Tung Cho attended.

Formerly a Bruce Lee stunt double, Yuen Wah signed his name along with Mai Suet who grew up watching Bruce Lee films in supporting of the Bruce Lee Museum construction. They agreed that Bruce Lee brought Hong Kong film out to the world and made a place as small as Hong Kong known to everyone. It was representative, whether the older or the newer generation would like the Bruce Lee spirit. Mai Suet believed that the government would support it. Yuen Wah said, "The government used to abuse Hong Kong culture, let's see if the taxpayers support it or not. If this Chief Executive is unwilling, then we will wait for the next Chief Executive."

Ng See Yuen felt that Bruce Lee was the pride of Hong Kong. He said, "When tourists come to Hong Kong they all go to the Avenue of Stars for photos. Bruce Lee is a Hong Kong icon. We really should make it known far and wide. When people have to run it and beg the government to support it, it really is incomprehensible." He intended on meeting with Chief Executive C.Y. Leung to convince him to explore an avenue for the creative industry. He said, "Many young people are interested in the creative industry. If I am the Chief Executive, I would issue 3 television licenses then provide young people with short term employment assistance. This is what the government should do, the construction of the Bruce Lee Museum should not be delayed. West Kowloon has a film cultural center and should also have the Bruce Lee Museum."

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