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Tavia Yeung says Law Chung Him's acting has improved and can absolutely win Best Supporting Actor

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Priscilla Wong has 3 nominations, Leaping Award, Best Program Host, and Most Popular Television Female Character
Edwin Siu has 4 nominations, more than what Kenneth Ma has
SERGEANT TABLOID's Niki Chow A CHANGE OF HEART's Joey Man compete for Best Actress
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TVB yesterday announced its TVB Anniversary Award 2013 nominations. Best Actor and Best Actress favorites Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Dayo Wong Chi Wai, Moses Chan Ho, Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, Linda Chung Ka Yun, Krystal Tin Yui Nei and Kate Tsui Tsz Shan were all absent, only Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Tavia Yeung Yi, Law Chung Him, Niki Chow Lai Kei, Joey Man Yi Man, Priscilla Wong Chui Yu and Eliza Sam Lai Heung were among the attendees. Edwin Siu Jing Nam who has TVB's full support has the most nominations with 4. Sandy Yue Wing Shan's favorite Wong Chui Yu has 3 nominations and so does top actor Ma Kwok Ming. On the other hand Sheren Tang Shui Man whose relationship with TVB deteriorated but had a large role in BEAUTY AT WAR than Ada Choi Siu Fun and Christine Ng Wing Mei could not compete for Best Actress like them. Many online cried foul.

Ma Kwok Ming earlier won the "Artists' Choice Best Actor" and received 3 nominations, but he was only 1/15 confident. "When colleagues chose me to be Best Actor, most gave friendly votes. It couldn't be a guideline." TVB was rumored to change each show count from half a hour to a hour, Ma Kwok Ming nervously asked, "No way? I haven't heard! I am very scared! 2 shows become 1 show, it's more important than winning any award!"

Siu Jing Nam received Best Actor nomination, Most Popular Television Male Character, Male Supporting Character, Leaping Improvement Male Artist, but he was not confident. "I waited for 4 years and I still haven't won the Leaping Award, I believe I will have to wait for 8 to 10 years for the Best Actor throne." Wong Chui Yu said that she had few roles, thus she was not confident about the Leaping award. Louis Yuen Siu Cheung immediately questioned her, "You still think you have too few?"

Yeung Yi, Man Yi Man, Chow Lai Kei picked Chung Ka Yun to win Best Actress. Last year's Best Actress Yeung Yi admitted that this year she had no pressure. She hoped Chung Ka Yun would win Best Actress and Krystal Tin Yui Nei would win the Most Popular Female Character. Her Supporting Actor pick was Law Chung Him, Vincent Wong Ho Shun for the Leaping Award. Man Yi Man with A CHANG OF HEART (HO SUM JOK GWAI) and INBOUND TROUBLE (LO BIU NEI HO YEH!) was nominated for Best Actress and Most Popular Television Female Character, she admitted that she had no expectation from her first year in competition and hinted on the stage that she had no chance to win. She was giving her thank you speech in advance.

Reportedly Tsui Tsz Shan has the full support of boss Chan Kwok Keung, moving up BOUNTY LADY (MY SING LADY) to compete for Best Actress. Chow Lai Kei did not believe the rumor. "Her series just aired so she has an advantage. My series has long finished its run, so long that even I can't remember it."

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