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[2013.11.29] FISH LIEW GOES ALL IN

Kelvin Kwan shares his experience with Fish Liew
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Model Fish Liew (Liu Chi Yu) left home in Malaysia to work in Hong Kong. Earlier she even tried her luck in her first film as she took part in the Teddy Robin Kwan produced new film DOOMSDAY PARTY (MOOT YUT PAI DUI) performance. She had many scenes with Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and challenged her sexy standard with a side nude scene. Fish remembered the shoot like it was yesterday. She said, "On the day of the shoot I couldn't eat and could not be at ease at all. When I shot the final take, the director wanted me to climb out of the bed and ran out of the camera range. However I accidentally fell onto the camera tracks. My face, knees and thighs were all bruised!"

Fish admitted that she luckily had her family's encouragement to have the courage to accept the nude scene challenge. "After I found out about the nude scene, I asked my family and friends for their opinions. Papa who was working in Indonesia told me he would support me no matter what. I just kept crying, he was the one who gave me a lot of confidence." Producer Teddy Robin also explained the purpose of an actor to Fish, so she would perform at ease. "Teddy said that an actor had to use his or her body to explore the character, not to think whether to get naked or not." She also thanked other actors like Kwan Chor Yiu for their advice.

In addition, Fish said that after completing the film she has already become addicted to acting and hoped to be able to join the film industry. She said, "Making a movie was very challenging. After completion I had a sense of satisfaction. I hope to have even more opportunities later." Will she give a sexy performance? She said, "This is not my selling point."

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