Thursday, November 28, 2013


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Hidy Yu, Chrissie Chau, DaDa Lo
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Chrissie Chau Sau Na yesterday host a shopping center Christmas lighting ceremony. If she did not have to work on Christmas, Chau Sau Na would host a party with friends. She urged single men to ask her to dinner. Speaking of Alex Fong Lik Sun playing matchmaker with her and his brother Fong Yuen Ming, Chau Sau Na said, "Great! Meeting another friend is a good thing, I don't mind. He is a lawyer? I like all kinds of friends. Siu Fong has shown me his photo. Meeting is no big deal, it doesn't have to be matchmaking." Chau Sau Na recently played a couple with Dior Cheng Yi Kin in a micro film. Did they have any intimate scene? She said, "Things that normal couples would do! It's just work, I believe (Yoyo) Mung Ka Wai won't be jealous."

Chau Sau Na earlier worked on KICK ASS GIRLS (BAU 3 CHIU GIU WA) and did not fight over roles with DaDa Lo Chung Chi and Hidy Yu Hiu Tung. She said, "I only fought for food. Everyday action scenes exhausted a lot of energy. As soon as I stopped I ate like mad to replenish my energy." DaDa and Hidy were envious how she could keep eating without getting fat.

DaDa complained that fight scenes had contact. He said, "My legs were all bruised, I had to use a lot of cover up cream to hide them. The worst part was my voice went hoarse from screaming. I heard a hoarse voice would affect luck with marriage!" Hidy said that although action scenes were tough, they were very challenging. She would like to work on them again when she would have a chance.

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