Wednesday, November 27, 2013


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Earlier Golden Horse 50 invited past Best Actors, Best Actresses and new Best Actor and Best Actress to pose for a classic photo. However, the 26th Best Actor Chen Sung-Young was absent due to illness and the 47th Best Actor Ethan Juan left early. That night even Andy Lau Tak Wa stayed until after the ceremony for the group photo. The 90 year old Chang Feng also participated. Siu Tin was chastised for leaving early and called "the most impolite Best Actor". Yuen Kin Tin after two days of silence finally publicly apologized. He admitted that he made an error in judgment, which he regretted very much. He explained that he did not know about the photo of all Best Actors and Best Actresses. He felt very upset and during his apology he even got choked up.

Siu Tin said that because he worked all night on the night before the award show, he was truly very tired. The next morning he had to go to Kinmen for a shoot so he left earlier. He was not acting like a big shot. At the time he thought, with so many big brothers and sisters present the show could do without him. Finally he missed this classic moment, over which he felt regretful and sadden.

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