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Koni Lui
Barbie Liu
Rebecca Zhu, Kenneth Ma
Johnson Lee, Wong Cho Nam, Louis Yuen
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Calinda Chan, Barbie Liu, Wilson Chin
Rose Chan as Chiba Mariko Chan
Eric Tsang
Koni Lui, Lin Xiawei, Rebecca Zhu
Karena Ng
Kenneth Ma ditches his doctor robe and pilot uniform for school uniform
How many sailor suits does Wong Ha Wai have in her closet?
Joyce Cheng
Elaine Lok (back third left) led the TVB contingent of VOICE OF THE STARS artists.  Wu Fung (back fourth left) and Helena Law (back center) should be on the school board by now
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The Hong Kong Performing Artist Guild's 20th Anniversary celebration and artist homecoming joint school music festival took place last night at the Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center. Members attended in school uniform. Resigned chair Eric Tsang Chi Wai also put on a school uniform and a Environmental Protection Ambassador sash like comic book OLD MASTER Q's Big Potato. "Inch Mouth Barbie" Barbie Liu (Ha Wai Yu) stole the spotlight by busting out of her school uniform. Wong Ha Wai and Rose Chan Ka Wun both dressed up. The former dressed as Sailor Moon and the latter as Chibi Mariko Chan.

Although Chi Wai resigned from the PAG chair post, he was still in the mood to play dress up. He excitedly said, "Today I finally graduated. Others studied for a few years, I studied for several decades. After resigning from PAG I didn't miss it. Now I have become an alumni and a honorary consultant. I can attend meetings with them. I will continue to care about the charity committee and leave the rest for the kids to work on. They have new ideas and new development." As for who he thought would be suitable to be the next chair, he did not want to influence others' decision so he would not answer. He denied that the banquet was his farewell. He would not cry and even joked that he might sing after getting drunk. As for secretary general Astrid Chan Chi Ching revealing that Chi Wai had an uniform fetish, he joked that they were the ones who liked it and asked him to organize an uniform party.

Speaking of TVB's boycott of Next Media, Chi Wai said that he has seen the report and the company statement. He said, "Since this group wouldn't write about the good, then it doesn't need to interview the company artists. I will accommodate." Will he remove that media's microphone logo? Chi Wai joked, "That's why I said I would try to accommodate." He was not worried that boycotting Next Media would reduce artist exposure rate, because there are many paths to gain exposure. Will PAG intervene? Chi Wai said, "I am still using its mic logo, since I am out here I will try to accommodate. I probably wouldn't get a TVB warning letter." Chan Chi Ching said that the election date has been set to December 29th.

Joyce Cheng Yun Yi performed without a school uniform. She said that she would sing a song to thank Chi Wai. When she got into the business in 2008, Chi Wai gave her a lot of opportunities. As for TVB's boycott of Next Media, Yun Yi had no comment and did not know how to answer. She said that now she was a free agent and she would worry about it after her contract was extended.

Wilson Chin Kwok Wai and the LAN KWAI FONG 3 (HEI OI YEH PO 3) actresses attended but without Connie Man Hoi Ling who accused Whitney Hui Yik Nei of bullying. "Inch Mouth Barbie" Ha Wai Yu did not dare to answer whether the lead actress was in charge, but she said, "The director is in charge." Chin Kwok Wai's girlfriend Calinda Chan Yuen Wai chimed in, "Man Hoi Ling is absent due to illness. Yesterday when she called me she cried, but about her boyfriend not the movie." Chin Kwok Wai said, "She was crying over her boyfriend, now people think I am boycotting her."

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