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The newlyweds ask Shu Qi to go to the stage and accept the wedding bouquet

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Chang Chen is too shy to kiss his wife but still gives her two pecks on the cheek
Shu Qi
Carina Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai
Chang Chen fixes his wife's gown
The venue is a cinema that Hou Hsiao-Hsien operates
Wong Kar Wai and his wife
Ang Lee 
Chang Chen's father Chang Kuo-Chu gives his daughter in law 80 points and reserves 20 points for later
Chang Chen's brother Chang Han
Chen Bo-Lin
Bowie Tsang
Director Leon Dai may be tempted to wed Kwai Lun-Mei after his friend's wedding
Ang Lee's floral basket
Chang Chen and his wife Ann prepare cupcakes as gifts for the media
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37 year old Taiwan actor Chang Chen yesterday held a wedding ceremony with his girlfriend of 4 years Ann Zhuang. The ceremony was as star studded as a film award show. Former rumored girlfriend Shu Qi even graciously attended. Shu Qi wished the newlyweds joy and happiness three times in a row and even urged them to have a child quickly. At the banquet, Chang Chen arranged for his wife to personally hand the floral bouquet to Shu Qi.

Chang Chen and Ann have been dating for 4 years. On November 12 they registered their marriage in Taipei. He chose to propose on January 4 2013, a special day that symbolized "love you for a lifetime"; and to register their marriage on November 12 2013 for the "11-12-13" sequential number date. Yesterday they held a wedding ceremony at the SPOT Cinema in Taipei. The venue was decorated with fresh white flowers. Along with his veteran actor father Chang Kuo-Chu, brother Chang Han, all the guests were all film industry heavyweights like Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Carina Lau Ka Ling, Mr. and Mrs. Wong Kar Wai, A Yue Chang, Chen Bo-Lin, Bowie Tsang, Leon Dai and others. The appearance of Chang Chen's former rumored girlfriend Shu Qi caused the most ruckus. She wished the new couple joy and happiness three times in a row and urged them to quickly have a baby.

The couple held the ceremony on the lawn. Ann wore a HK$ 190,000 Vera Wang wedding gown. Chang Chen said, "Thank you Mama Zhuang for giving birth to such a nice and pretty daughter for me, because of everyone's well wishes we are extra happy." Guests chanted for a kiss, but Chang Chen bashfully said, "We will make up for it when we get indoors!" Chang Chen arranged for his wife to give the floral bouquet to Shu Qi. The host joked, "Shu Qi is already speechless with tears all over her face!" When Ann handed the floral bouquet to Shu Qi, she wished her happiness as well. Shu Qi was moved to tears as her face turned red. After embracing Ann she said, "I have come to support and wish my good friends well."

The sister of Chang Chen's former girlfriend Jozie Lu, Miranda Lu, host yesterday's press conference. The newlyweds were often lovingly touching cheeks. Chang Chen even kissed the bride twice, but Ann seemed too nervous to smile. Chang Chen explained, "She has been out all day today and is very nervous. I reminded her that the dress was very long, be careful not to trip." Chang Chen often knelt down to fix his wife's dress. He also clarified that Ann was not his former assistant but former co-workers, as he did not want her to be described as Cinderella. Chang Chen said, "I am very nervous, I want to have a very warm gathering as we want to share our marriage with family and friends. It doesn't have to be too grand, since it isn't any wedding of the century. I hope to have a child as soon as possible. As for the honeymoon, I still have to work on THE ASSASSIN's reshoot so for now I don't have the time."

Chang Chen dated actress Jozie Lu for 6 years, back then his company was rumored to have interfered. Finally he sent a postcard from Japan to discuss the break up with Jozie Lu. Later he dated Taiwan singer Olivia Yan and model Tanya Ng but both relationships ended. Finally he and his Japanese translator co-worker Ann became involved over time and tied the knot.

Chang Chen's chosen wedding venue was the SPOT Cinema in the Zhongshan district of Taipei. This two story classic mansion was a class 3 historical landmark there. The government asked famous director Hou Hsiao-Hsien to take over its operation, to Chang Chen who came from a film family it was very meaningful.

Chang Chen said, "This is the cinema that Director Hou took over. It has a connection with film because I too am an actor who makes movies. The environment is great both outdoors and indoors. In a noisy place like Taipei such a comfortable space actually exists, I feel it is very suitable for a wedding."

Director Wong Kar Wai went all over the venue with a smile on his face. Speaking of Chang Chen's wedding, he said, "Chang Chen is all grown!" He thoughtfully gave an envelope as a gift. In the envelope was not a check but an ordinary note that said, "From now on I will cut out less of your scenes". Wong Kar Wai has always taken his time with his work and was famous for cutting scenes. Chang Chen in order to make THE GRANDMASTERS (YUT DOI JUNG SI) postponed his wedding from last year to this year. He also practiced the Baji Quan to play Razor. The production even took 3 years. Finally when the film was released, both he and Julian Cheung Chi Lam had many scenes cut out. Thus this note might only have a few words, it was very meaningful.

Director Ang Lee arrived late. He not only gave a red and white rose and bear floral basket but also red pockets. He praised Chang Chen as a very great person. Speaking of marriage advice, Ang Lee smiled and said, "Listen to your wife!"

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