Thursday, November 28, 2013


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DaDa Chan does not mind being a second choice
Adrian Wong and Wong Mei Kei
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DaDa Chan Jing, Adrian Wong Chi Ching and Wong Mei Kei yesterday attended a video game event. The event spokesperson Ms. Chen said that due to TVB's boycott of Next Media, they replaced Samantha Ko Hoi Ning with DaDa and Wong Chi Ching.

DaDa did not mind being a second choice, making money was the most important. Luckily after her return she she still had support from many past clients. In December she will work on a comedy and a police film. Conceivably if Pang Ho Cheung had a good opportunity he would keep her in mind. DaDa was not worried that Wilson Chin Kwok Wai would not work with her again. "There are many different types of opportunities, I will work hard to recover lost ground."

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