Saturday, November 23, 2013


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Paul Wong Koon Chung two days ago revealed a "domestic violence" mystery online, blaming his elderly father for getting rough with both his mother and his wife Athena Chu Yun. Reporters yesterday continued to contact Wong Koon Chung, Chu Yun and their managers but to no avail, Paul's phone even stayed off. According to his Weibo, Paul and his brother were in Los Angeles, but some said that he has already returned to Hong Kong. His manager has yet to confirm that.

Paul earlier was absent from the film DOOMSDAY PARTY (MOOT YUT PAI DUI)'s Taiwan premiere. Reportedly the film company said that Paul's manager claimed that Paul would not promote due to emotional problems. DOOMSDAY's producer Teddy Robin Kwan clarified that Paul already stated that he would not participate in promotion when he did voice work for the film months ago. He did not understand where such a rumor came from and how it turned into film promotion! Teddy Robin said that the report was taking things out of context and had no proof. He would not eliminate the possibility of taking legal action against such untrue reports! He revealed that although Paul was unable to promote, he already sent a Mandarin song to him and said that it would indirectly coordinate with the film promotion. He said that Paul was a good friend and had no emotional problem. He believed that the matter was only a misunderstanding.

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