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Ricky Kwok
Ken Hung, Kathy Yuen, Sherman Chung, Vincy Chan
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Jacky Cheung, Hilary, Dou Ching Tung, Anna Ueyama, Anita Yuen, Maggie Cheung, Remus Choy, Sandra Ng, Chingmy Yau, Shum Ka Wai, Julian Cheung
Tony Leung Chiu Wai shows his support for Shum Ka Wai
Maggie Cheung gets a photo with her film friends
Julian Cheung takes a photo of Maggie Cheung and his wife Anita Yuen
Jacqueline Chong grabs Tony Leung Chiu Wai for a photo
Sammi Cheng due to work only appears for 10 minutes
Chingmy Yau reveals her daughters are star chasers
EJ and Linah Matsuoka
Kary Ng 
Shawn Yue enters the event early but remembers to get a photo with Maggie Cheung, Jacky Cheung and Nick Cheung
Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyong
Julian Cheung jokes about his wife Anita Yuen, "Swindlers now have all kinds of tricks."
If Best Actors Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Nick Cheung work together, viewers are in luck
DaDa Chan says that she is working more frequently to make more money, not to pay off debts
Anna Ueyama's daughter Hilary with Faye Wong's daughter Dou Ching Tung
Jacqueline Chong cannot think of any reason why her mother is being harassed in Malaysia
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The Shum Ka Wai founded fashion store I.T stepped into its 25th anniversary. Two nights ago it held several million dollar party. The event invited the super popular G-Dragon and Big Bang member Taeyang to be the party VIPs. Shum Ka Wai's friends Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Anita Yuen Wing Yi, Shawn Yue Man Lok also showed their support. Boss lady Chingmy Yau Suk Ching also called in favors and invited friends including Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau and others. Faye Wong's older daughter Dou Ching Tung also appeared in a Hong Kong fashion event for the first time. Rumored couple Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Maggie Cheung Man Yuk, as well as Yue Man Lok and old flame Kary Ng Yu Fei, shared a space but kept their distance.

Two nights ago I.T held its 25th anniversary in Sky100. Korean group Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyong came to Hong Kong. Reportedly they did not charge a cent to support their friend Shum Ka Wai. Public Relations only said that they came to show their support as guests. Their flights, hotel and 30 security guards were covered, but no direct answer was made about salary.

Trendy figure Cheng Sau Man only posed for two minutes on the stage and left. The event explained that Sammi recently rarely attended label events and only appeared out of friendship. Aside from Sammi, Anna Ueyama's daughter Hilary, Alex To Tak Wai and his wife, models EJ and Linah Matsuoka attended. Linked in rumors, Leung Chiu Wai and Cheung Man Yuk also appeared at the same event for their friend but in group photos they stayed apart. However they became guest photo targets. Ng Yu Fei and old flame Yue Man Lok also avoided photos together to prevent awkward situation.

G-Dragon and Taeyong only appeared for 30 seconds for photos, even faster than Sammi. After staying at the party for 30 minutes, Taeyong pulled his mask to his chin and even gave fans and reporters a friendly wave.

Yau Suk Ching and Ng Kwan Yu have been friends for years. They were emotional. During their interview they kept finishing each other's sentences. Dau Dau even revealed that her daughters were star chasers. "They have been chasing stars, they chased them (G-Dragon and Taeyong) here." Kwan Yu who refused to admit that she was old said, "We have only known each other for 5 to 6 years, it hasn't been so long. This time the boss lady asked, and with so many old friends in one place for such a rare occasion, even if I just finished over 10 hours of acting I had to come over. I really wanted to have a good time together." Dau Dau said that they have already known each other for half a century and often exchanged parenting advice. Kwan Yu praised Dau Dau for taking care of her family well and joked that she was not a fitting Mommy.

A magazine caught Dau Dau and her family and accused her of angrily yelling at her husband. Shum Ka Wai's worth was also rumored to be declined and the entire family had to move to a smaller home. Dau Dau calmly replied, "I have never thrown a tantrum at my husband. That day I was only frustrated because my littlest daughter was ailing and coughing and was even whining about ice cream. I didn't allow it so I was frustrated." Kwan Yu answered for her friend as she grabbed Dau Dau's hand with a sparking diamond ring, "They say you are very, very small! Maybe it's because you are slim so they feel you are small!" Dau Dau again explained, "Because the building is working on its outer wall, our family moved to another place for now. Certainly, the temporary unit is smaller than our current home, but it is very practical." The report even made a connection between Dau Dau's religion and her husband's business. She jokingly impersonated a Moushan Master possession, "That report made Rinpoche sound like a Moushan Master. Actually Buddhism is about the state of mind, not for business. Linking the two together isn't too great, it seems like misreporting."

Chilam and his wife Yuen Wing Yi attended the party to support their friend Shum Ka Wai. Speaking of being the TVB Best Actor favorite with TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2 (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU II), he revealed that he wagered with Len Len and joked that she was a swindler. "The Old Lady said if I won Best Actor, she would treat me to dinner for 3 months; if I lose, I would have to get her a six figure bracelet. Swindlers now have all kinds of tricks, how can my 3 months worth of meals be worth 6 figures?" He joked that whether he would win or not, he would be just as happy. "Because after making TRIUMPH I got a lot. Each time I made a series I would receive miraculously good performance. Thus my life is very suitable for making series." Why not sign with TVB for an astronomical sum to make series? He said, "I have a contract with Stephen Shiu Jr. The relationship is great and we are even preparing to sign an extension. (Salary?) Of course I have to get a raise!"

As for the I.T stock drop making Shum Ka Wai's worth drop as well, Chilam clarified for his friend. "How can it shrink? He is an industrialist. Business isn't a bubble. The stock price rises and falls don't affect his career and ambition. He is very practical and solid. Now the stock price drops, perhaps in a few years it will rise again."

The 50th Golden Horse Award will take place Saturday (the 23rd). Two fellow Best Actor nominees Leung Chiu Wai and Nick Cheung Ka Fai two nights ago both attended the I.T 25th anniversary party. When both extremely busy Best Actors ran into each other before the race on this rare occasion, they did not talk about the award show. Ka Fai who was perhaps too happy and had a little too much to drink was somewhat incoherent. He said, "Award is an question that you can't guess. Friends know each other well, we are both very mature and wouldn't care about the award problem. Privately we have contact, we are both very mature."

Ka Fai pointed out that Wai Jai knew that he had a new film release soon and wanted to go. Yet he did not know if Wai Jai saw his UNBEATABLE (GIK JIN) performance. Reporters joked that Wai Jai perhaps was fishing for intelligence, Ka Fai disagreed. "We both have worked in this business for a long time, we have been working very hard. No matter who wins it would be worth being happy about. I have never worked with him, I really want the chance." With the award show on the way, Ka Fai did not seem too nervous. He also revealed that he just returned from the Rome Film Festival. He was already very happy to be able to go there for cultural exchange and did not think too much about any award.

DaDa Chan Jing denied that she was working frequently to pay off her debt. "I haven't owed anyone any money, but of course I want to make more. Next month I will work on 2 movies, I am in negotiation for a movie that will start production in May." She admitted after her comeback, she did not dare to raise her rate because she "knew what she was about". Luckily clients did not ask her to lower her rate. She would not be stubborn about film salary, as she only wanted to try more different characters.

With jobs now, did she hav an added "no absence" condition? DaDa honestly said, "Now aside from the contract I have to sign another one to protect both sides. Even if they don't ask for it, I should sign one. In the past the company manager can sign for film contracts on my behalf, now when I sign a new contract I have to have witnesses and I have to sign it myself." She said that the "no absence condition" would not add to her stress. "Now I am invincible, now I am more relaxed and more open minded." She said that from now on as long as the role was reasonable and comfortable, she would not mind lowering hr salary. She also did not have to be the lead actress. I would not mind guest starring either.

Speaking of her junior colleague Mika Siu, due to her own poor acting and DaDa Wilson Chin Kwok Wai removed her role completely from LAN KWAI FONG 3 (HEI OI YEH PO 3). DaDa said, "Ultimately she is a new comer, I know she definitely suffered a setback, but the company said that she would use this as motivation. No one knew how to act from the start."

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