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Carina Lau, Kate Moss, Sir David Tang , Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Mrs. David Tang
Kate Moss has trouble with the ribbon cutting
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Carina Lau Ka Ling's HK$ 10 million investment with Sir David Tang Wing Cheung, a home furnishing store, opened yesterday. Her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai came in support. Lau Ka Ling mentioned that after her kidnapping photos were published, she indeed thought about suicide. After two setbacks she did not know how to handle it, so she might as well vanish!

Many did not expect Lau Ka Ling to talk about her kidnapping years ago on TELLING MARIA 2. Yesterday Ka Ling smiled and said, "Actually people keep mentioning it, I don't mind. People can't get over it, I already have!" She admitted that she remembered the film that started the trouble incorrectly, saying it was not LONG ARM OF THE LAW (SAN GONG KEI BING) but SET ME FREE (NGOR YIU TOH MONG). Back then TVB negotiated it for her. She joked that she was getting old and could no longer remember.

On the program she said that after a certain magazine published her kidnapping photos, Wai jai worried that she would jump to her death from the 18th floor. Ka Ling admitted that she indeed thought about suicide. She said, "I thought about it. Because I don't know how to handle it, I might as well vanish. (Because you were still young at the time?) First I was young, and secondly I experienced it twice. For anyone it would have been an enormous test. (Do you feel better now that I have talked about it?) Actually I talked about it before too, everyone is very interested in this matter. (After the incident, did your relationship with Wai Jai improve?) It is unrelated, but at the time he was a great pillar by my side. I instead thank this incident for making me stronger. I hope through this incident to tell young people and anyone who runs into problems, there isn't much that you can't get over." w

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