Thursday, September 3, 2015


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The film UNDERCOVER DUET (MAN LUNG DUT GWING) two nights ago held its celebration. Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Ava Liu (Yu Kiu), Wong Won Shun (Doll Shun) and Monnie Lee Mei Kei (Beef Tripe Girl) attended. The film has been in release for a few days and already reached HK$ 4 million at the box office. However Ronald did not know about it at all because lately he has been busy with another film production. He was very happy to learn about the box office performance. He knew that director Mark Wu Yiu Fai has already planned a sequel and has already agreed to perform. Will he get a raise? He said no need. Reporters said that he was very direct and his salary was already very high, which he laughed at and denied. Recently some schools found lead in their water. Ronald said that his daughter's kindergarten has not tested its water yet, but he felt that being afraid would be useless as nothing could be done yet. He said that his daughter has always brought her own water, which the school prepared the snacks. He joked, "Unless the school told her to eat lead, if she has to I would eat it with her."

Yu Kiu promised to take the tram in swimsuit if the box office reached HK$ 20 million. Ronald joked that he would be responsible for taking pictures. Has Yu Kiu asked her boyfriend Adason Lo (Law Lik Wai)? She admitted that she has not thought about this problem. She would not be afraid until the box office was near 20 million. She also said that she did not specify what kind of swimsuit she would wear.

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