Sunday, September 27, 2015


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Stephen Chan says more competition will bring TVB impact
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The jet lag Donnie Yen needs reminders from his wife about his work schedule
Irene Wan celebrates Mid Autumn on a boat
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The musical SINGIN' IN THE RAIN two nights ago held a celebrity show at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Guests included Donnie Yen Chi Tan and his wife Cissy Wang, Stephen Chan Chi Wun and Irene Wan Bik Ha. Earlier in England to work STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE, Chi Tan said that this time he returned to Hong Kong for IP MAN 3 promotion and voice work. Last week he will return to England to continue the production. However he declined to discuss the production as he had to respect the spirit of the contract.

Chi Tan's return coincided with the Mid-Autumn Festival. Will he take his children to play with lanterns? Cissy said that their children really liked moon cakes. She also prepared lanterns but it would depend on their schedule as Chi Tan was very tired. Chi Tan said, "I have jet lag after coming back. With a series of work schedule, today I finally have more time." He said that he will work until December then return for the promotional tour. He said that after staying in England for awhile, now he has trouble with speaking Chinese. Even the grammar was switched around.

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