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Executive producer Gigi Leung
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Law Chung Him, Huang Cancan and Yan Yuhao
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The Filmko romantic film SUMMER'S DESIRE (PO MOOT JI HA) lately held a media visit in Taiwan. Executive producer Gigi Leung Wing Kei, producers Wang Chih-Ming and Su Chao-Bin attended. This film was shot on location in Taiwan for the convenience to bring back the romantic feeling from the original novels. The three characters Xiao Mo, Ou Chen and Luo Xi also appeared for the first time, as Huang Cancan, Law Chung Him, and Jerry Yan Yuhao played them respectively.

On the day of the visit, first time executive producer Leung Wing Kei appeared on the set. Whether she was discussing roles with the director or encouraging new actors to get into character rapidly, she was fast and direct with a presence of an experienced on set person.

Leung Wing Kei said that when she was making movies, she saw those executive producers who did not seem to do much on the set. After she went behind the scene she realized that executive producers had a lot of preparation to do before production. This time with SUMMER'S DESIRE, behind the scene creators had to handle from the film's director, basic tone, the impression of the leads to the set and costume designs. She as the only girl in the creative team often had a different angle of this dream love story from others. She said, "If in every man's heart is a wuxia dream, then in every girl's heart is a fairy tale love story. In this aspect, which story can compare to SUMMER'S DESIRE? For me this is quite a worthy challenge, something that should make people very excited."

The three leads Huang Cancan, Law Chung Him and Yan Yuhao appeared on the set. Huang Cancan often displayed her mischievous side and cracked up the crew. The SUMMER'S DESIRE novel had almost 30 million readers. Huang Cancan and Yan Yuhao carried the load of the leads as new comers. Would they have any pressure from comparison with the Big S version? Huang Cancan admitted that she was not as good looking as Big S, but she had her own method of interpreting Xia Mo. Xiao Mo was a very conflicted person. She matured early but often had the innocence of a young girl. Law CHung Him in order to play Ou Chen, the rich kid people both loved and hated, better quickly lost 22 pounds from his MONKEY KING 2 muscular condition to look more like the shape in the original work. The usually very sunny Yan Yuhao said that the character was very different from him. he defined Luo Xi as a very lonely person.

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