Saturday, September 12, 2015


Ivana Wong, Patrick Kong, Anjaylia Chan and Bob Lam celebrate
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Bob Lam has the potential to become the new comedy star
Bob Lam's gross performance is very memorable
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Ivana Wong Yuen Chi's first lead film role, LOVE DETECTIVE (MOOT NUI SUN TAM) after 8 days in release made HK$ 4,0644,680 in Hong Kong and Macau. Ivana and lead actor Pakho Chau were very pleased, as Bob Lam Sing Bun's gross performance became very memorable.

Bob said, "During the costume fitting, I feel like producer Yip Lim Sum (Patrick Lam) is playing a prank on me. Later at audience appreciation events, I saw the audience kept laughing and I was very pleased." With plenty of ideas Yip Lim Sum said that he wanted to go even further. "Bob has the potential to become the new generation comedy star, I am interested in making a spin off DOKUO DETECTIVE (DUK NAM SUN TAM) to make him into a star!"

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