Sunday, September 13, 2015


Friends gather to remember Leslie Cheung and Alan Tang, including Daffy Tong
Chan Suk Fun thanks the Japanese fans for attending every year without fail.
A fan creation of Leslie Cheung's ROUGE image
courtesy of

Two days ago would have been "Gor Gor" Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's 59th birthday. Chan Suk Fun and her son, Alan Tang Kwong Wing's wife and daughter, Lin Yim Fai and others along with "Gor" fans from everywhere brought fruits, origami cranes, fresh flowers, cakes and cards to Po Fook Hill to send their blessing to "Gor Gor". This day happened to coincide with Tang Kwong Wing's Lunar birthday, hopefully "Gor Gor", Tang Kwong Wing along with Lydia Shum Din Ha, Roman Tam (Law Man), James Wong Jim and others would be able to celebrate in Heaven.

Every year on this day, "Gor" fans would remember "Gor Gor" through different ways. Some made "Gor Gor" film and concert costume sand paintings and finger paintings. Mrs. Chan expressed her thanks and said that they put a lot of work and creativity into them, so the artwork was worth sharing and be appreciated. At the same time, in order to remember "Gor Gor" and hopefully unite the love of "Gor' fans, to continue "Gor Gor"'s hard work and determination, pursuit of perfection and real, kind, and beautiful spirit, Mrs. Chan decided to form a "Gor" fan clubs and immediately set up a Weibo platform for "Gor" fans to communicate and express opinions.

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