Tuesday, September 8, 2015


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Julian Cheung
Simon Yam
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Myolie Wu Hung Yi yesterday attended her GME China signing press conference. Her new company arranged for a magician to make Hung Yi appear inside an imax cinema, meaning that she made the jump from the small screen to the big screen. The company also asked stars like Simon Yam Tat Wa and Julian Cheung Chi Lam to record congratulation videos, only TVB did not send anyone to attend in support.

Hung Yi did not deny that her salary reached HK$ 35 million, only saying that it was "very satisfactory". She also praised how sincere boss Stephen Shiu Jr. has been to her as he gave her an absolute sense of security. She did not forget to "kiss up" to TVB. "Actually I have to thank all the companies that were interested in me. TVB ultimately would always be my home, as long as they have suitable scripts I would very gladly make series again." However she revealed that later she will work in the Mainland. Even the film that Stephen Shiu Jr. has tailored for her would have to wait until next year to start production at the soonest.

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