Monday, September 14, 2015


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Karena Ng Chin Yu and Wong Yau Nam were among the guests at the TVB program BIG BOYS CLUB taping to promote their film WONG KA YAN. This film was shot a year ago. Yau Nam admitted that he looked forward to it very much. After watching people would feel that they could relate. This film was different from commercial films, as now very few films are about Hong Kong nostalgia. After making it he felt uneasy, perhaps he was more sentimental. Chin Yu said that Yau Nam loved too deeply and too much, she was cooler headed. Usually after work she would ask what they would eat.

Yau Nam said that he was a more faithful person, as he has been with the same girl for two years. He also could not maintain more than one relationship, as he would need to lie to both. He said, "When I have a significant other, I would shut the gate. This business already has too much excitement. My direction now is to keep on going."

Chin Yu said that she too could be considered crazy in love. Reporters joked that her boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung seemed to be crazier. He joked, "He is a little crazy." Chin Yu pointed out that faithful people were hard to come by, especially in the business when temptations were plenty and the world outside was so exciting. Has she already found the person she would marry? Chin Yu admitted that she was used to it and did not want to change. She wanted her relationships to last a lifetime. Was she already used to be being with Lam Fung? She said that she was used to it after so many years.

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