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Andy Lau wins Most Memorable Hong Kong Film Male Character with INFERNAL AFFAIRS, at the same time he won the highest grossing Hong Kong film actor of the past 30 years
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Wong Jing, Michelle Wai
Belinda Yan
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Director Wong Jing, Helena Law Lan, Shek Sau, Kathy Yuen (Tong Yee) and Michelle Wai Si Nga yesterday attended the people's choice golden film award. Winners Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Andy Lau Tak Wa, Nick Cheung Ka Fai and Louis Koo Tin Lok were unable to attend but sent video speeches. Director Kwan Shun Fai with LITTLE BIG MASTER (NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JEUNG) won the 2015 Favorite Hong Kong Film award. He got choked up when he spoke on the stage. Wong Jing won the "highest grossing Hong Kong film director of the past 30 years". His film GOD OF GAMBLERS 2 (DOH HUP) won one of the "most memorable Hong Kong film" awards. Brother Jing said that he has already won many awards, "My display case is full of awards except the Hong Kong Film Award, but that doesn't matter. It's just a game, as long as it's fun it's fine." He pointed out that he was not surprised to win the highest grossing box office award, because the event used the old rules that were very advantageous to him. However he stressed that he could not compare to the Mainland because the Mainland already made 200 million in a day. Speaking of him thinking that GOD OF GAMBLER RETURNS (DOH SUN 2) would win the "Most Memorable Hong Kong Film", he explained, "Earlier GOD OF GAMBLERS RETURNS performed the best at the box office. I feel GOD OF GAMBLERS or FROM VEGAS TO MACAU (DOH SING FUNG WON) should win. Now GOD OF GAMBLERS 2 gave me quite a surprise because this film was already 25 years old. Everyone still remembers it in detail, and I am very pleasantly surprised."

Law Lan with "Granny Lung" won the "Most Memorable Hong Kong Film Female Character". Sister Law Lan said that after she made the film THOU SHALT NOT SWEAR (CHUT YUET SUP SEI) many films arranged for her to play Granny Lung. Did she make a lot of money from it? She said, "A little, my salary is very low. Later in the TROUBLESOME ROAD (YUM YEUNG LO) film series I played Granny Lung again. I have already played this character many times. My first (Ocean Park) 'Ha Lo Wai' (Halloween) character was also Granny Lung. (Did you make money?) That's right." She said that even if she would play Granny Lung again she would not raise her salary, but each time her interpretation method was similar. She did not really innovate, as she felt that she might as well make less for the chance to switch to other characters. She said, "Granny Lung squints and talks eerily, nothing really new." Reporters suggested for her to play Madonna. She said, "Great! (She is in great shape!) Then I can't, haha." Would she like to see her in concert? She said of course, but the schedule had to be right.

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