Saturday, September 19, 2015


Terence Siufay, Vivian Chan, Joyce Cheng
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Two nights ago singers Joyce Cheng Yun Yi, Terence Siufay and Vivian Chan Wai Man attended a film audience appreciation event. Yun Yi and Siufay both said that after their film promotion they will prepare for their new record, both will be released next year. Siufay even said that he will have a breakthrough performance. "One of the songs is sung with three people, but I have to keep who they will be a mystery." Wai Man worked on her first film. She said that because the character was s similar to her own experience so she was particularly in character. After the final scene she even hid in the bathroom to sob. "In the film my first boyfriend and I broke up, earlier because I got into the business I broke up with my childhood boyfriend. Before making this film I ran into him and I told him that I would make movies. However he is starting a family now, so I didn't ask him to watch it."

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