Saturday, September 12, 2015


Gordon Lam and Kathy Chow in TVB's TIME BEFORE TIME
Gordon Lam wants to go back to produce in TVB
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Gordon Lam Ka Tung yesterday promoted the film that he produced, GET OUTTA HERE (SEI HOI DI LA). TVB recently re-aired his series with Kathy Chow Hoi Mei, TIME BEFORE TIME (DAI LAU GUONG CHEUNG LUNG). He said that TVB seemed to be giving him a gift to coordinate with his new film promotion. He also joked, "The series was 19 years ago! I watched a little of it, it's unbearable. At the time I was rushing through my lines, some of my reactions were poor and funny. Many people say that they miss goddess 'Siu Fu Yung' the most, I of course know and I am happy." Ka Tung said that several years ago TVB has begun negotiation with him about working together again, unfortunately their schedules conflicted. "Now if I have to work on a series 4 days and 4 nights in a row, I may not be able to take it. However I want to go back and produce, it would be a lot of fun."

Speaking of working with new comer J.Arie and Gregory Rivers (Hor Kwok Wing) in GET, he was pleasantly surprised. He said, "J.Arie dropped her singer baggage and imitated the typical Hong Kong woman. At first she didn't dare to use foul language. After warming up with me for half a hour she was able to; Hor Kwok Wing gained 20 pounds to appear on camera in his underwear."

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