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Connie Man
Connie Man and Leslie Lam are paired with Dominic Ho
4 beauties seem to have Dominic Ho's full attention
Leslie Lam
Iris Chung
Hazel Tong
Jazz Lam
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Stars Connie Man Hoi Ling, Hazel Tong Chi Yui, Iris Chung Choi Yi and Leslie Lam Lei Han earlier worked on lingerie and swimsuit shoots for their new film THE GIGOLO 2 (NGAP WONG 2: GAI TUNG NGAP LUEN) with Dominic Ho Ho Man and Jazz Lam Chi Sin. Connie had to seduce Dominic during the shoot. Wong Jing was also on hand to direct the actors on expressions and poses.

During the shoot, Dominic displayed "king of duck kings" colors with girls left and right. Lead actress Connie and new comer Leslie were placed in the center. Iris and Hazel instead helplessly stood by the side. Connie said that in order to be at her best, she stopped eating carbohydrate and ran like crazy to drop to 103 pounds. Speaking of intimate contact with Dominic, she stated that at first she was nervous and stiff. Did she touch his abdominal muscles? She said, "I just touched his chest. (Was it bouncy?) OK! It's bigger than mine."

As for new girl Leslie getting the good spot, Hazel and Iris were not jealous. They even praised her. Hazel said, "She is very pretty and has a great shape. As the generation of Jing Girls before her I have pressure, but I am not afraid of taking her our spot." Iris said, "I am not worried, she is one of us so there isn't anything to fight over." Leslie immediately said that they were very friendly and taught her how to pose.

Dominic during the shoot was found to be at full attention. Later he said that it was just a prop. He clarified that he did not have any biological reaction. "Those in the same company are already used to it. The process is very natural. I am dirty but I am a gentleman. I didn't even take a glimpse." Because Wong Jing thought he was too big, he was asked to lose weight. Will he have any rear revealing scene? He said, "We added more, it doesn't matter. My bottom line is no bottom line."

Wong Jing praised the four women for their own individuality. "Connie feels mild mannered and tender, lately I discover that her acting has improved by leaps and bounds. I have very high expectation for her, and I hope this time she will be pleasantly surprising. Leslie has a wild, mixed heritage feel, now this type of actresses are harder to find. Iris is sexy but cute, like a silly big sister with an ample bosom. Hazel is like (Pauline) Wong Siu Fung and (Maggie) Siu Mei Kei. She feels tough. In the next films she will play a female cop in a crime film." Director Keung Kwok Man revealed that GIGOLO 2 will be rated category IIB and sell mystery instead of purely nudity.

Lam Chi Sin got into shape for the shoot. He said that he has always wanted to play a "duck". "I don't believe that every duck would be as handsome as Dominic, Some has to be odd and weird like me. (Have you thought about challenge Japanese adult video actor 'Chocoball' Hiroshi Mukai?) He is after Taka Kato the second Hong Kong man idol. Of course I don't dare to challenge him!"

Lam Chi Sin said that he was not in perfect shape and wanted to get bigger. However he would leave the rear baring to lead actor Dominic. "His is the butt with potential, many people want a piece of that. (Do you want to have his butt?) He is born with me, I am how my Ma made me."

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