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Wang Qianyuan kidnaps Andy Lau and puts him in handcuffs and chains
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Andy Lau Tak Wa gives himself another acting challenge as the kidnapped star Wu Ruofu in SAVING MR. WU. He spent 80% of the time in handcuffs and chains, only expressing the character's complicated state of mind with language and expressions. He received praises from director Ding Sheng. Wa Jai shared his production experience with his fans on his official site. He felt like he risked his life to fulfill a promise, for director Ding Sheng he suffered physical abuse and pain.

Wa Jai even praised the Tokyo Film Festival Best Actor Wang Qianyuan's acting as indescribable. "He is my rival on and off screen. On screen he made me feel his animosity, off screen I sensed his friendship. He is......Wang Qianyuan. About his acting I really have nothing more to say, as for my know!" Wang Qianyuan said, "Lau Tak Wa was my teenage idol, now I am old and he is still as popular as those little fresh meat. To receive compliments from my teen idol and praised as his rival, I already considered it a teenage dream fulfilled."

Wa Jai also spoke of Liu Ye. "Liu Ye is like a friend I haven't seen in a long time. From before working together we already know of each other. I really like his LAN YU, and he loves my song LOVE FORGETTING WATER." The real kidnapping victim Wu Ruofu in the film played a cop who saved Wa Jai. Working on the film together, he truly had a variety of emotions all in one.

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