Saturday, September 5, 2015


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Petrina Fung Bo Bo returned from Malaysia to attend her film WONDER MAMA (MA MI HUP)'s screening in Ap Lei Chau with Susan Shaw Yam Yam. Patrick Tse Yin earlier angrily slapped Kenneth Tsang Kong but instead hit Wu Fung. Sister Bo Bo did not see it but was not surprised. She recalled when she worked with Tsang Kong on WONDER MAMA, she almost wanted to hit Tsang Kong too. "He yelled at me! In the film he also had to hit me, my arm was all bruised from it. He also didn't let me sit. However he was almost deaf, you had to yell for him to hear you." She felt that Tse Yin might not know about Tsang Kong's ear problem. He probably felt disrespected when he was yelled at and took action. Did she know if they had any grudge? She said no, Tsang Kong instead had a grudge against the late director Lung Kong. "Back then when Tsang Kong made his first film, Lung Kong was the assistant director. After several bad takes, Tsang Kong was upset and chased after Lung Kong. Later they settled the matter over a meal and they were fine. (Tsang Kong had an explosive personality?) He wouldn't be cordial with you, foreigner personality."

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