Friday, September 18, 2015


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The Derek Yee Tung Sing directed new film I AM SOMEBODY yesterday and today held screenings at the Baptist University and the Polytechnic Institute. Earlier he also attended similar events in the Mainland and Taiwan. The film will open on October 8 at three cinemas. Siu Bo said that through the university screenings he would get a glimpse of the new generation of young viewers' opinion about the film. He felt that he could not find a breakthrough in the film and the Mainland felt that Hong Kong directors were not in touch with the Mainland audience. When he went to Tsui Hark to discuss the SWORD MASTER (SAM SIU YEH DIK GIM), he saw many young Mainlanders went to the largest film and television base to be extras. He was inspired to make this interesting subject. In the end he spent a year to make the film. Siu Bo said that he was the boss on this film, which he treated like a rebellious and self indulging gift for the 40th anniversary of his career. As from the Mainland version, the film originally was five hours long. He would edit it into six mini series online and two documentaries.

He said that this film took 120 work days to shoot and shoot again, was it because all the actors were extras who lacked experience? Siu Bo admitted that it was one of the reasons. He was not afraid of working with new comers, but this time he overestimated his own abilities. he originally had to train 21 new comers for a major scene, but later he was not able to handle it and asked Law Chi Leung and Lee Kwong Yiu for help. He joked that he did not overestimated his own intelligence, but he truly was old and hurt. He admitted that since 2012 he has never rested. He wanted to take some time to rest.

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