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Wilson Yip, Raymond Wong and Max Zhang celebrate Master Ip Chun's birthday
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The film IP MAN 3 yesterday announced its Christmas release. This film invited Yen Chi Tan's mentor, "the best director in the world" Yuen Woo Ping to direct the action and arranged for Max Zhang Jin who has studied martial art since childhood to be in close combat with the Yen Chi Tan played Ip Man. Producer Raymond Wong Pak Ming even invited world class boxing champion Mike Tyson to join the production. The highest achieving and rated disciple of Ip Man, Bruce Lee, will return to the screen as well. Yen Chi Tan returned to the role of Ip Man after five years. He said that everything was right in the palm of his hands as he very quickly got into character. After the third film, he felt that Ip Man under director Wilson Yip Wai Shun's camera was already very perfect. He said, "As an actor I am very grateful to have been able to play this role. Ip Man is so ingrained into film viewers' hearts, I don't know from now on whether I can find another kung fu character to satisfy them like Ip Man has. However I am still very ambitious about other genre characters and I have room to try them."

This time his co-star would be Zhang Jin. Yen Chi Tan felt that they were full of spark. Zhang Jin also praised him for being easy going and professional. "I remember the first time I saw Chi Tan, he came over to introduce him. During the shoot he often shared details of his life with me. With his years of kung fu film experience, on the set he gave me a lot of useful suggestions." Zhang Jin even revealed that when they battled with Wing Chun, they not only used Wing Chun fists but also Bart Cham Dao and Six and A Half Point Pole. He looked forward to the fights very much. In addition, earlier was Master Ip Chun's 91st birthday, Wong Pak Ming, Yip Wai Shun and Zhang Jin celebrated with him at a restaurant. Louis Cheung Kai Chung and Yen Chi Tan who was working in England sent congratulation videos and wished Master Ip good health and longevity. When Master Ip Chun saw the video he was reminded of the first two IP MAN films. He said, "Everyone on the IP MAN teams were very thoughtful. I look forward to Chi Tan playing Ip Man again very much, I wish further success for the films!"

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