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Lynn Xiong says that she is waiting to get married as she does not want to have a baby in her old age
Raymond Lam disapproves push up bra for Karena Ng
Lynn Xiong, Karena Ng
Donnie Yen is afraid that Mike Tyson may become addicted to fight scenes and thinks of ways to take him down
Mike Tyson forgets the fight choreography and goes at it for real with Donnie Yen
Max Zhang accidentally injures Donnie Yen's nose.  Donnie Yen jokes that it improves how his nose looks
Raymond Lam is full of confidence in IP MAN 3
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The film IP MAN 3 yesterday held a production wrap banquet and a trailer premiere press conference. Director Wilson Yip Wai Shun with actors Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Max Zhang Jin, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam), Karena Ng Chin Yu attended. Boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming also appeared. Chi Tan and Zhang Jin also posed for photos with Bart Cham Dao. Lynn was so sexy that even Chi Tan joked that she did not dare to look at her directly. He asked her if she went to the wrong place.

The film will open against Star War Episode VII during Christmas. Zhang Jin said that it would be the best for the audience to watch both. Chi Tan said that he had a part in another Star Wars film, so it did not matter which one performed well. The most important was for the audience to like it. Speaking of Zhang Jin's nose injury during the shoot, he said that he still has the scar now. As for working with former world boxing champion Mike Tyson, Chi Tan admitted that he was very excited. Yet before the shoot he was worried that he would not be used to making a movie. If he took one of his punches he would truly die. Thus he already thought about how he would dodge if Tyson forgot the choreography. He joked that during the shoot Tyson truly forgot, luckily they were fine. They also became good friends. On the last day, he was reluctant to part.

Lynn said that in the film she had to slap Chi Tan. She held back for the first and second time. By the third time she hit hard and finally completed the scene. Lynn said that she dressed up yesterday because she has not seen everyone in a long time. Did Chin Yu dare to dress like her? She said that she did not, and her boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung would not approve anyway. With Angelababy's impending wedding, Lynn and Chin Yu both said that due to work they might not be able to attend. Chin Yu said that she has already prepared her gift; Lynn said that she was in the age to marry, now she is waiting for someone to ask. However she said that her boyfriend still has not proposed.

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