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Timmy Hung Tin Ming and Stephanie Che Yuen Yuen were paired up in OFFICE (WA LAI SEUNG BAN JOOK). Dancing and singing of course was not difficult for singer Che Yuen Yuen, but singing while delivering his lines was rather hard for Tin Ming. He also asked veteran Che Yuen Yuen for advice. Yuen Yuen denied that she was an elder. "Don't believe Tin My, he can sing."

Hung Tin Ming and Che Yuen Yuen both said that they have never made such a serious production, as they rehearsed for several weeks before the production began. They said that almost 40 people rehearsed for 4 months. They were not rehearsing their scenes together but to practice their silent chemistry. Tin Ming said, "At first I also questioned whether there was a need? I wasn't a new comer. However actually it was good, everyone built chemistry. When they took their places for real they could very easily get into their characters." Tin Ming said that many scenes were very special. In one scene Fat Gor was having Chinese food behind him, while he and Yuen Yuen had a Western meal in front. Two different spaces that occurred at the sam time made the production different from the usual production team. Che Yuen Yuen said, "One day we only rehearsed and didn't shoot at all."

Hung Tin Ming was very afraid on his first day of work because he has heard many stories about To Kei Fung. Yet after working together he realized that he was amazing and was not all talk. He was completely familiar with the behind the scene jobs. When he got to the set he set up the equipment, thought about the marks and explained in detail how to perform. Tin Ming said, "Actually To Kei Fung is a great actor, some of his gestures were like Sing Yeh's. On the set he looked very funny. We told him to make this film as an actor, he said that he might." Tin Ming felt that as long as he paid attention to To Kei Fung's demands and met them, he would not get yelled at.

Che Yuen Yuen worked with To Kei Fung for the second time. The first time was on LIFE WITHOUT PRINCIPLE (DUET MING GUM). Just like Tin Ming, she was very afraid at her first time because she had to memorize two pages of dialogues for her first day at work. Working together again, she had more knowledge about how To Kei Fung worked. He was very talented and was not just a director. He was like a general who led him into battle, he had quite a commanding presence.

Hung Tin Ming said that To Kei Fun and his father Sammo Hung Kam Bo were the same type of people. On the set he was very imposing, but after work he was like a child. They could eat and play together and had a lot of fun. He and Che Yuen Yuen said that after 3 months in production they felt lost after its completion like they were unemployed.

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