Monday, September 7, 2015


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Andy Lau Tak Wa in the film SAVING MR. WU played the kidnapping victim MR. Wu in a breakthrough performance. This film will open in the Mainland on September 30th. In the trailer his torture scene gave heartache to Wa Jai's fans. SAVING was based on the 2004 Mainland artist Wu Ruofu's kidnapping case. Wa Jai said that he has played both the police and the thug roles, but he has never played the kidnapping victim character. The director said that Lau Tak Wa was completely in character, in one scene he was being strangled with electrical wires. His face as all red and his veins were popping out. Wa Jai had to express the fear and the helplessness. After the shoot ended the crew all applauded, but he asked for another take; some said that this was Wa Jai's "most abused" performance.

During the shoot in order to be closer to the real events, Wa Jai was locked up in one spot with his hands chained behind him. His face off with the kidnappers was a physical and psychological battle of endurance. The messy hair and the exhausted expression to him were unprecedented challenges.

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