Saturday, September 19, 2015


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Karena Ng Chin Yu, Wong Yau Nam and Tyson Chak yesterday promoted their film WONG KA YAN. They waved from the promotional vehicle then went to the streets to distribute flyers.

Chin Yu said that this vehicle will appear in different districts, anyone with the name "Wong Ka Yan" would be able to register for premiere tickets. Tyson said that now they have already found four "Wong Ka Yan" and many with the same sounding name; he also said that many people around him were called Ka Yan, like Linda Chung Ka Yan and Karena Lam Ka Yan.

Wong Ka Yan won many awards overseas. Would they have box office pressure? Yau Nam said that they had no pressure. Awards were encouragement and the pressure should be left for the director. Tyson said that the director performed so well with his debut, he hoped that the next time he makes a movie the actors would win awards too.

Chin Yu said that they have been promoting very hard lately. She remembered that she had a classmate named Wong Ka Yan but they have already lost touch. Did her boyfriend Raymond Lam Fung know any girl by the name? Chin Yu said, "Even if he did he wouldn't say! How could it be so coincidental, when the world was as small as that?" Would she invite her boyfriend to the premiere? She said that she did not know if he would be in Hong Kong, as he was very busy.

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