Friday, September 4, 2015


Don Li, Jacquelin Chong, Sammy Sum
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Jacquelin Chong, Sammy Sum
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Jacquelin Chong Si Man, Sammy Sum Chun Hin, Don Li Yat Long, Helena Law Lan, Nina Paw Hee Ching and others yesterday attended their film ARE YOU HERE (DIP SIN DIP SIN)'s trailer premiere. Sister Paw revealed that when she was little she tried Ouija. She asked what the spirit's name was and it answered Uncle Choi. She was so scared that she never did it again. Reportedly Sun Entertainment suspended Shum Chun Hin for his promiscuous image, which he denied. "My manager is TVB, how would Sun Entertainment suspend me? I work with Sun Entertainment on movies and music, our relationship is great. (Your image is too promiscuous?) This is even funnier, people always say I am promiscuous but never catch me out at night. Maybe my promiscuous image in movies before is too memorable." He was also rumored to be marrying Katy Kung Ka Yan. He immediately clarified that they were neither daring nor living together. Ka Yan lives with (Elaine) Yiu Tse Ling and he lives with (Stanley) Cheung King Shun, but they all live on the same village. He also said, "Although we are good friends, constantly being written about like that would make us feel awkward."

Jacquelin in the film appeared without make up to match her character's broke and haunted experience. She admitted that she could accept no make up, but it was an enormous audience for the audience. In real life what did she lack? She said, "Of course it's money. (But you are the daughter of a Datuk?) I personally am broke, the last stock market crash I lost 7 figures." However she did not sell her stocks. She was waiting for them to rebound and to see who would last longer. She even said that she wanted a boyfriend, "Because I haven't date in a very long time. If I have to ask the spirit a question, I would ask when would I get to date." Don's character in the film was rather deranged. Aside from murder and cannibalism, he also had a car rocking make out scene. He said that he has never tried it so he thought it was a rather special experience. However space was limited in the car. They could only shoot close up, which made acting difficult.

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