Monday, September 21, 2015


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The Donnie Yen Chi Tan starred film IP MAN 3 earlier had a trailer that was flowing around many foreign Wing Chun and kung fu sites. Actually the "trailer" was Chi Tan's urging to follow cinema rules in his Ip Man costume and had nothing to do with IP MAN 3. The cinema promotion so far was only released in Hong Kong, somehow it went overseas and even caused such a huge misunderstanding!

Pegasus Motion Pictures said, "We saw the film logo, it probably was secretly downloaded when the film was sent to Australia. We are following up with the distributors there to find out what happened. Originally Hong Kong cinemas would have the premiere, then global simultaneous release. Now it has been stolen and uploaded. It is a little regrettable that the plan has been messed up. We are considering taking action." Yen Chi Tan said, "Actually I didn't know about this at all since I was working on a movie, I have been waiting to watch the video." Yen Chi Tan's cinema warning was written from his spoken Cantonese, which gave people the impression that Ip Man was teaching Cantonese and bringing one of Hong Kong's specialties overseas.

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