Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Andy Lau shares his happiness after getting a kiss from his daughter on his birthday
Andy Lau asks viewers to spread the word so SAVING MR. WU would get better scheduling
Andy Lau hopes to work with director Ding Sheng again
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The Andy Lau Tak Wa and Liu Ye starred SAVING MR. WU has been scheduled for a National Day release on September 30 in the Mainland and October 8 release in Hong Kong; last night Wa Jai and director Ding Sheng attended the Hong Kong premiere. At the event Wa Jai celebrated his birthday and cut a birthday cake. He revealed that his daughter gave him a kiss for his birthday present. Wa Jai who rarely shared his happiness even revealed that he celebrates his birthday with his family. Speaking of his wife, he said, "When we are together we are happy!"

After days of promoting the film, Wa Jai last night attended the Hong Kong premiere with a hoarse voice. Since his birthday was in September, he rarely worked in the month. However, this film's scheduling had pressure so he put his all into promoting it. Wa Jai said that director Ding Sheng spent two years to prepare the film, and he too spent a month to read all the related material. After watching several Ding Sheng's films he wanted to hire him to direct, but Ding Sheng said that he was preparing for SAVING MR. WU and had to wait for next time. Finally Lau Tak Wa agreed to star in SAVING MR. WU.

Last night at the premiere, Wa Jai cut an apple shaped cake. Actually today is his Lunar birthday. He hoped that this film will be as red as the apple. Wa Jai said that because SAVING MR. WU had Mainland scheduling pressure, it even had pressure of reaching his goal of 500 million RMB. He could only do his best. September 27th was Wa Jai's 54th birthday. This year his birthday present was very meaningful. With this film he won the Silk Road International Film Festival Best Actor. He said that everyone saw his different performance in the film, were pleasantly surprised and voted for him. This film was shot like a documentary, the biggest problem was speaking fluent Putonghua. With this experience, he had confidence in making Mainland films.

Yesterday Wa Jai even made a rare call for help online. Around 1 PM, director Ding Sheng posted a video online, "SAVING MR. WU will open tomorrow, but its scheduling hasn't been great. I am truly sorry!" Wa Jai appeared on camera, patted Ding Sheng on the shoulder and said, "Don't be sorry. This isn't your problem. The most important is all our friends, your good word of mouth will make our scheduling even better! Thank you!" Wa Jai's call for help was transmitted over 10,000 times. His friend Mrs. Charles Heung Wa Keung and Liu Ye also transmitted the message. Mrs. Heung posted, "Why does a good film have so few shows?"

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