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The "Kung fu queen" Sharon Yang (Yeung Pan Pan) founded National Art Brilliant Film Actor Stunt Training Base earlier officially opened at the Xiqiao Mountain National Art Film and Television City. The Hong Kong Stuntman Association, Pan Pan's elders and junior colleagues, Friends of Shaw, Hong Kong TVB, CTV, ATV era television on and off screams artist friends, Chin Siu Ho, Chin Kar Lok, Michelle Yim (Mai Suet), Man Suet Yi, Susan Shaw Yam Yam, Poon Chi Man, Cheung Lui showed their support. Friends Mai Suet and Man Suet Yi led almost 100 people to the Foshan Xiqiao Mountain National Art Film and Television Base to cheer on Pan Pan. Pan Pan's heart and determination were very touching. Everyone went to support him in hopes that she would train talent for film and television, Pan Pan was very moved! She said that aside from teaching kung fu action actor technique but also life to the students.

Yeung Pan Pan started studying martial art since age 4. She often performed high difficult stunts all over. At age 9 she started as a child film star, able to perform Beijing Opera, classical dance, calligraphy. She still passionately loves kung fu now, having had help from many elders and masters. When she heard that the industry would soon have no successor, she did not want any talent gap as she hoped to be able to keep it going. Also because National Art boss Checkley Sin Kwok Lam said to her, "Why don't you come up to the Xiqiao Mountain National Art Film and Television City and work together on film and television stunt actor training, many collaboration format would be fine. You would have free rein." Thus she came to the National Art Film and Television City to develop her action actor training career.

After arriving in Xiqiao Mountain, she realized that Xiqiao people were simple and the location huge. Boss Sin Kwok Lam was very willing to invest in talent. The feeling was great so she stayed for seven years. Over the years she had to start with software to build the training base, form the teaching facility, construct multipurpose training rooms. Because training an action actors would require many years, only after several years of training would more mature people appear. Children of the past also gradually grew and needed to start working in the world. She hoped through the base's official founding to introduce them to industry insiders because young people would need people to give them opportunities. Several years ago she already produced some movies with her students and television station artists, but because the reality of the market they were unable to be distributed due to the lack of famous names. Yet now broadcasting online would have 100 million hits, thus timing and opportunity were very important. Yeung Pan Pan understood opportunity was very important to any chance to rise. The market is more supply than demand. She saw that her students gradually grew up and needed to make a living outside. She would try to help qualified students to find opportunities, investor and different format to perform, film, television, advertising, so they would have an easy path. Thus more or less she would have pressure as well. Has she asked the Hong Kong Directors' Guild and Stuntman Association to collaborate? She stated that people all along has been asking her for recommendations. However rising in show business was about luck. She would pray for them.

As for enrollment conditions and tuition, she said that basically it would differ between people. Students could have no kung fu background at all and start from the beginning, which would take longer. Some would also come to continue their studies, teaching and training people would not make a profit. If they would be able to handle daily expenses they would already be okay. The most important for enrollment to her was the interest to learn, anyone who would come to mess around would not be accepted as she did not want to waste resource and energy.

Yeung Pan Pain pointed out that young people now are not the same as people of their era, remembering those who helped them for a millennium. They lacked gratitude the most. Thus she would not only teach her students about kung fu action actor techniques but also life. Fortunately most of her current students have good character, obedient and willing to work hard. She would not easily give up of disobedient students. She would use an open method education and give them space to be free. She said, "Ultimately the teens are a rebellious age. I would communicate more with them and wouldn't force them to have the same idea as me. I would only tell them through my experience so they wouldn't repeat my mistake, help them grow and in the process I would grow with them."

Brothers Chin Siu Ho and Chin Kar Lok also took time to support Sister Pan Pan in Xiqiao Mountain. Chin Kar Lok is the Hong Kong Stuntman Association chair so he has to lead the team to show their support. Chin Kar Lok started to handle matters with a solid stage presence, able to command and lead. He said that he used to make movies, eat, drink, play and sleep, he never thought about doing anything big and had no confidence in important duties. Since Tsang Chi Wai and Teddy Chan Tak Sum asked him to help with the association, after numerous "pressure tests" he realized that he actually was able to carry important tasks and his connection with people was not too bad. He was able to bring together people of all ages. He was also able to successfully fight for stunt actors to legally buy insurances. He felt like he actually was able to do important jobs. After 5 years at the job he also grew.

Chin Kar Lok is also the Performing Artist Guild vice chair. Speaking of Koo Tin Lok being just as outstanding after accepting the chair of the Guild, Chin Kar Lok said, "The Hong Kong Performing Art world is very lucky, in each era it would have outstanding artists to support it, from in the past Ng Chor Fan, Pak Yin, Cheung Yin, (Patrick) Tse Yin, (Connie) Chan Bo Chu, to Jackie Chan, (Sammo) Hung Kam Bo, (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai, (Leslie) Cheung Kwok Wing, (Alan) Tam Wing Lun, (Jacky) Cheung Hok Yau, (Anita) Mui Yim Fong, to the appearance of Koo Tin Lok. He truly is a new film tycoon, as he has invested in many movies. At the set, you can see a variety of equipment that all belongs to Mr. Koo's company. He is capable and has heart, both are very rare. Hong Kong film history remains after experiencing the effort of many previous generations of elders. Our generation hopes to inherit that and pass it on."

Chin Siu Ho appeared to be a very happy, not only to support Sister Pan Pan but also to see many old friends. Lately his wife went with their son to study in England while he remained in Hong Kong for work. He described this time as a full harvest year for him, having made a television series, a Taiwan documentary and soon an inspirational film that would be based on Hong Kong para-athlete So Wa Wai's story with Sandra Ng Kwan Yu. Siu Ho and Kwan Yu would play a couple, and they have not worked together in a very long time. He looked happier and happier. He said, "At this age I have seen a lot of things, I have learned to let go. Half of life is already gone, why not treat myself better and properly enjoy the remaining days. In addition when I have more positive energy in life, my connection with people is better and so is my luck. Treating people well would be rewards. Earlier I supported a new director for free and the film won an award overseas. I got Best Actor, which truly was a surprise."

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