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Candy Yu is looking for investors for her "son" Kenny Kwan
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Kenny Kwan Chi Bun, Michael Ning (Bak Ji), Cherry Ngan Cheuk Ling's film YUM SING DIK NEI (REBELLIOUS YOU) since starting production in August has already completed 1/3 of its shoot. In the film Kenny played a band lead singer. In order to play the role well he practiced playing the guitar like mad. In the film he and Cherry had many emotional scenes. Also in the film were Bak Ji, Anthony Chan Yau and Candy Yu On On. Originally the film was heating up in production, earlier due to financing issues the film suddenly halted production and disrupted the actors' schedules. For now the production had no date to resume as everyone's effort could be wasted at any moment!

Kenny's manager confirmed Mani Fok Man Hei admitted that the film ran into trouble and had to postpone its production. She said, "Right now I don't know when it will resume production. We have seen the footage so far, both Kenny and Bak Ji performed very well. If the film is scrapped it would be very regretful!" In September, Boy'z originally would reunite to perform a concert series. In the end Steven Cheung Chi Hung ran into a romantic scandal and the shows were cancelled. Kenny was so disappointed that he cried. Luckily his management company was able to turn the series into solo shows. Now that Kenny's movie also ran into trouble, would Emperor again lend a helping hand? Mani said, "If the price is reasonable, we would consider it."

Kenny's career in the Mainland in recent years have been so successful that he has purchased properties in Hong Kong and Canada. Yet lately his work in Hong Kong has made him "the god of the cursed". Would working in the Mainland be more advantageous to him? Kenny said, "Actually after coming back, many advertisers and film companies have approached me. Although my concert ran into a little trouble, the performance was very successful. Many people liked the show. I am very grateful to be able to develop my career in a place I like."

Kenny's onscreen mother Candy Yu On ON yesterday said that she has been helping with the film's search for a "white knight". She said, "Basically I am already done, with just one day of shoot left. I already got all my salary so I am unaffected. On the other hand many actors' scenes haven't been shot yet. My son (Kenny) this time performed very well and put a lot of effort into it. The story is very inspirational, very interesting, so I want to help and ask my friends if they would be interested in investing! The mother I play in the film is not the usual mother. The ones who play my children are all very good looking, I have another handsome son!"

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