Thursday, October 31, 2019


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Artists Candy Yu On On, Gillian Chung Yun Tung and Ling Man Lung put a lot of thought into their movie MISSING (SUK JUNG). Yu On On for her character made herself looked more weary. "During the shoot I deliberately didn't sleep to have even darker eye circles!" When Siu Lung had to hike in the heat, On On was not in the scene but still showed up to support him -- much to the envy of her "daughter" Chung Yun Tung, as she joked that she was playing favorites with her god son.

Playing Siu Lung's mother, Josephine Koo Mei Wa admitted that she felt very guilty. "My character is a deranged mother with violent tendencies, in almost every scene I hit Siu Lung. I feel very sorry." However he not only did not get mad but even praised her for taking care of her junior colleagues. To be able to work with her was his honor.

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