Sunday, July 10, 2011


Charmaine Sheh

Law Chung Him and Jeana Ho

Kelly Fu Ka Lei

Evelyn Choi Wing Yun and Anjaylia Chan Ka Bo
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Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Law Chung Him, "young model" Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Kelly Fu Ka Lei and others yesterday promoted their film LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER (YUN YEUK LAI FUN HAU). The leads had to demonstrate how to be sweet and eat candy. Later Law Chung Him was selected to squash the balloons with Jeana who was in a low cut dress. Ah Sheh gave him a hand and busted the balloon so he could avoid touching sensitive areas. Ah Sheh's salary was publicized at the Stephen Chan Chi Wan case as testimony. She said that artist prices are like seafood's, different everyday. Her current salary has already increased from then.

This film will face off with another "young model" starring new film. She said that she just did post production voice work for LOVE and really liked this film. Speaking of the other film being mainly sexy, she whined, "I was done for, now what? In the film I have a little passionate and daring scene, I have many first times. I don't know whether the director is benefiting me or them (Alex Fong Lik Sun and Law Chung Him). I have with both of them passionate scenes are considered the most daring time (for me). In real life I have never tried anything like rocking the car and wife swapping. Thanks to the director for giving me something that I can't experience in real life." She also said that she admired the other film's female lead and paid attention to her news
online. She hoped that she could let go of her hatred for her former boyfriend and live happily. She and her former boyfriend maintained a friendly relationship and remained in contact.

Law Chung Him honestly said that he did not dare to touch her important areas while playing games with Jeana, ultimately acting was different from playing games. He should watch himself while playing a game to avoid any misunderstanding. In the film he and Ah Sheh had a car rocking scene. He said that he had to drive as well, which was rather difficult. He also stepped on Ah Sheh's foot but they already planned in advance where, so they did not touch any awkward area. Speaking of his two films and one television series releases this summer, he had more exposure than Raymond Lam Fung. He immediately shook his head and said, "I am not as chok as him, I have to work harder, he is an elder." Jeana said that both she and Him Jai were people with good figures, squashing balloons together was very awkward. She also praised Him Jai as tall and handsome, the type that she liked. Would she take the initiative? She said that she would drop hints in hopes of him taking the initiative. Would she mind that he would date two people at once? "I have ways of holding on to him."

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