Monday, July 25, 2011


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Director Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) two nights ago led LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSER (YUN YUEK LEI FUN HAU) actors Law Chung Him, Jacqueline Chong Si Man, Rose Chan Ka Wun and Kelly Fu Ka Lei to show viewer appreciation and give away film posters in cinemas in Kwun Tong, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok. Law Chung Him hoped that everyone could support local creations and if its box office and word of mouth beat blockbusters, he promised to celebrate topless. He said, "The film has so many girls, we can rent a yacht to go to the sea for them to show what they got. However lately I have taken a step back. Because I have been busy with television, I haven't had time to work out." As for rumored girlfriend Theresa Fu Wing's new book, he heard that it was selling well. Has she given a copy to him? He thought that he should buy one himself in support and would gather a certain amount of friends before buying it together.

Model Chong Si Man said about "pseudo models" promotional attics during the Book Fair period, "This trend is very unhealthy. They are so thick skinned, more criticism would be meaningless. If this trend persists they would only be a bad influence on the next generation. (Who do you feel has crossed the line the more?) I don't know, I have seen many wardrobe malfunction photos. I suspect whether they were deliberate or they were so busy that they did not have time to fix the photos." A "pseudo model" even gave away male potency drugs. She asked, "Is that necessary? It's so embarrassing. (They are not embarrassed?) They are so thick skinned." Speaking of Jeana Ho Pui Yu making enemies all over, she also was not fond of. Since everyone was in the same market, they should not target others. She even criticized Jeana's "dummy chest" was unnatural.

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