Thursday, July 21, 2011


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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Louis Koo Tin Lok, and Wilfred Lau Ho Lung yesterday attended a UNICEF charity run press conference. Speaking of Raymond Wong Pak Ming and Vincent Kok Tak Siu spending 10 million to bring her together with her old flame Ronald Cheng Chung Kei for a movie and maybe even intimate scenes, Chin Wa said that her husband definitely had to mind her working with her old flame. Otherwise she married the wrong guy and would yell at him.

Chin Wa yesterday admitted that Brother Pak Ming has talked with her about the film, but the script has not been completed yet. Brother Pak Ming only asked if she was interested. She would not mind playing a couple with Cheng Chung Kei, but the schedule would be the most important. Earlier she had intimate scenes with Raymond Lam Fung, her husband at most would not attend the premiere. She believed that Brother Pak Ming would not use the intimate scene as the focus and they could not possibly kiss right from the start. She joked that she was already up there in age and no one wanted to see that. Speaking of the 10 million salary, Chin Wa's eyes widened. "10 million for me? (For both of you together.) We haven't talked about it yet. I don't know how much." Would her husband be upset about her playing a couple with her old flame? Chin Wa pointed out that her husband was very supportive of her. Chin Wa said that even when she and an ordinary man worked on an intimate scene and her husband was not uncomfortable, she married the wrong guy. Chin Wa even admitted that she loved being jealous. She said, "I yell at him for chatting quietly with another woman. Ultimately when I make such scenes he has to mind. When he says he doesn't I would yell at him." The new father Cheng Chung Kei joked that luckily his daughter did not look like him. Chin Wa joked, "He is so handsome, of course looking like Mommy is a little better, more like a girl." She said that Cheng Chung Kei's look was too guy like, which was not too good. She would like to send a gift and personally congratulate him when she got a chance.

In addition, recent rumors claimed that Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi due to her marital troubles has been booted from Wong Pak Ming's Lunar New Year film EIGHT HAPPINESS 2012 (BAK SING PO HEI). Lunar New Year film frequent guest Goo Jai admitted that he has been contacted but nothing has been confirmed. He had no idea who his co-stars would be. He thought that now Pak Chi should have some time to rest. It would be the best if everyone had a part so everyone would be happy. Of course Pak Chi's participation would be the best. As for his injury, he said that the progress has been ideal. However the doctor suggested that he should not move too much. Right now his right leg was weaker and he would take the full leg protection gear in hopes of not being injured again.

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