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Gigi Leung is hospitalized with fever
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The Barbara Wong Chun Chun directed Christmas tear jerker TEARS OF FALLEN CITY (KING SING JI LUI) last night held its global production start press conference in Shanghai Gong Stage. The director along with the cast including Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Joe Chen Qiao-En, Dou Xiao, Aarif Rahman (Lee Chi Ting) and Zhou Dongyu attended. The other lead actress Gigi Leung Wing Kei was absent due to a fever. The director thus sat in Gigi's seat and leaned on Siu Chai.

The film will be shot entirely in Shanghai and its story was formed with "three tears". The first tear starred Zhou Dongyu and Lee Chi Ting. The director before the production began asked them to cultivate their relationship in advance in Shanghai and they have already begun to work for five days. Dongyu worked with Dou Xiao in her previous film UNDER THE HAWTHORN TREE, this time she worked with Lee Chi Ting. She said that she has been very lucky to be able to work with them and praised Chi Ting as humorous and energetic while Dou Xiao was more of a gentleman. Chi Ting said that Dongyu looked mild mannered but actually was quite mischievous. However she warmed up slowly. When they first met, after he introduced himself she did not say another word or gave any response. After a few days they were much closer. On stage Chi Ting often took the initiative to lure Dongyu into talking.

As for any chance of developing for them, Dongyu was stunned while Chi Ting said that would depend on destiny. Was she his type? He said that he could not say whether this was the type. Dongyu said that in the film they had a lot of fate. Dongyu in September will start at the Beijing Film Academy. Would she make less movies? She said, "This four year chance (to study) didn't come easily. Before hand preparing for the examination was very tough, so I would cherish it and center around learning."

Siu Chai in the film played someone whose life eroded his dream. Later he picked up his determination again to fulfill his dream. Everyone knew that racing was Siu Chai's dream, but in the past due to work he gave up many racing opportunities. However he decided to pick up his dream again in September and participate in a desert race. Siu Chai said, "If you have a dream but don't go after it, you would regret it. Even failure is better than nothing." In the film he and Gigi were forced to break up. Although the shoot has not officially started, the script alone brought tears to his eyes.

Qiao-En and Dou Xiao played an older woman young man couple. In real life Qiao-En honestly admitted that she has tried such a relationship, but he was only a year or two younger than her. As for any love with regret, she humorously said, "No, none of my boyfriends die." Yesterday Dou Xiao with the flu said that in real life has not have such a relationship but would not mind it.

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